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Smart Office Solutions

Smart offices are beneficial to businesses as well as to their employees. In this article, several applications for smart offices and the used technologies are described.

Various solutions and applications in smart offices result in more enjoyable, hassle-free and productive experiences at the workplace. At the same time, businesses profit as they can realize cost savings and optimize process flows.

Indoor climate, lighting and energy savings

By using condition sensors, the indoor climate and lighting can be automatically adjusted. Light sensors for example recognize the intensity of light and can raise / lower the blinds or switch the lights on / off as needed. By installing temperature sensors, the temperature in the office can be regulated automatically and will stay at a comfortable level at all times. Furthermore, infrared sensors and presence detectors can be applied to determine the presence of persons and adjust the temperature and light conditions accordingly. If there is nobody in the office, lights will be switched off and heating will be turned down. By using these technologies, working conditions are improved and energy can be saved which leads to considerable cost savings.

Occupancy of meeting rooms and shared workspaces

Infrared sensors can detect the presence of people and the occupancy rate in a room. If needed, an empty meeting room or a quiet area within the office can be found easily. Furthermore, the technology enhances office concepts using shared workspaces. When arriving at the office, employees can check an app for empty workplaces and can be navigated there if desired. This way, employees don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a workplace and experience a more comfortable and stress-free start to the day.

Automated task generation

Common problems that regularly occur during a working day are for example that the printer doesn’t work properly, soap dispensers are empty or light bulbs have to be replaced. It often takes a long time until the right person for the job is found, called and the problem is fixed. By applying infsoft Workflow Management in combination with the infsoft Automation Engine, repair orders and other tasks can be automatically generated and sent to the responsible employee as soon as or even before the problems arise. This enables solving the situation smoothly and promptly.

Smart Office Solutions

Easy retrieval and theft protection of assets

By attaching Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to assets, the objects can easily be retrieved when they are needed. Furthermore, geofences can be defined to protect them from theft. As soon as an asset is being moved outside of the defined area, an automated alarm will be generated.

Access control and keyless entry

Keyless entry to buildings or offices increases safety and comfort. The access control can be realized using BLE beacons in form of ISO cards or smartphones in combination with beacons at the respective access points.


Especially on large company premises, it is easy to lose one’s way. In order to prevent getting lost or being late to meetings as a result, a navigation solution can be implemented.

Additional features

Additional features for a smart office can be integrated in an app for employees. Useful applications that enhance the day-to-day work are for example a colleague finder or the access to the canteen menu with the option to pre-order meals. Moreover, by installing condition sensors, the waiting times and the occupancy at the canteen can be identified and then shown in the app.

More information regarding indoor positioning in offices can be found here. For interesting use cases for offices, please click here.

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