Tracking of Tools in Automotive Workshops

A tracking solution facilitates the locating of tools in a workshop and enables a utilization analysis of work equipment.


  • real-time localization and status information of tools
  • theft protection through geofencing
  • utilization analysis


Since the tools in a workshop are shared by several mechanics, it isn’t always easy to find an available tool when it’s needed. The search can take a long time and has a negative impact on employee productivity.


With a tracking solution, available tools and other assets, such as toolboxes, measuring and testing equipment, air compressors and ladders, can be quickly and easily located.

In a smartphone app, employees can select the tool they need. In a list, they are then shown all the tools of the type they are looking for and it is shown whether the respective tool is currently in use or not. The tool’s status is automatically set to occupied when it’s in motion. If it hasn’t moved for a certain period, it is marked as available. After the employee selects a tool from the list, he can view its location on a digital map.

The tracking solution can also increase theft protection. As soon as an asset leaves a predefined area, this is detected and an automatic warning can be sent to the responsible personnel.

An additional advantage of the solution is that data on the utilization of the tools, such as daily usage time, can be recorded and analyzed. The utilization analysis of the individual tools reveals where there are bottlenecks and helps to avoid shortages in the future.


infsoft isometric Tracking of Tools EN
3D Infographic: Tracking of Tools in Automotive Workshops

Resistant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons with a high IP protection class are attached to relevant tools. infsoft Locator Nodes with integrated 360° directional antennas are installed throughout the workshop. The infsoft Locator Nodes detect incoming signals of the beacons and transmit the data to the infsoft LocAware platform® where the position of the beacons is calculated.

In addition, the beacons are equipped with an acceleration sensor that registers when a tool is in motion and therefore in use.

The data can be accessed using a mobile app. Here, the location and status (occupied, available) of the tools can be viewed in real time. In infsoft Analytics, further relevant information such as daily usage duration and usage frequencies can be displayed.

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