Process Optimization in Transport Logistics in the Automotive Industry

A tracking system provides real-time location information about vehicles in delivery and helps to improve the delivery process. In addition to the location, the service life, the movement history and the number of vehicles can also be called up.


  • server-based positioning of vehicles in real time
  • location overview in digital map
  • status information of the car


Transport logistics is a highly networked process with countless interfaces and links to a large number of operational processes. In the automotive industry, unlike vehicle assembly, the individual steps in vehicle delivery are no longer takt-linked and forcibly guided. This can result in gaps in the process which mean that work steps are not or only inefficiently executed. This ultimately leads to increased costs and thus offers potential savings.


A tracking solution provides precise position data of new cars. This enables a central overview of the locations of all vehicles at all times. The tracking solution works both indoors and outdoors and ensures safe and efficient operation and contributes to the best possible process optimization. It can be checked at any time whether the vehicles are still on schedule and countermeasures can be initiated in good time in the event of expected delays.

The operator receives numerous information on the technical details in a web interface and at the same time has an overview of the location of the respective vehicle. In addition, the status of a vehicle within the delivery process can be tracked, enabling a more efficient organization of processes. The service life of individual cars can also be measured. In this way, costs for operating materials, personnel and service providers can be minimized. As an additional feature, the end customer can be informed of the respective process step of his new vehicle in the order overview.


infsoft isometric process optimization in transport logistics EN
3D Infographic: Process Optimization in Transport Logistics in the Automotive Industry

In all cars there are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that send signals to the mobile infsoft Locator Nodes. Outside, the position of the motorized assets is determined by a GPS unit installed in the truck. As soon as the vehicles are within the area, they are localised via Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and infsoft Locator Nodes. The data collected using GPS/BLE components (e.g. position, direction, service life) is transferred to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here the position is calculated and made available via Web Services. Employees can access the data via a web interface and see the location of the vehicle on a map. Using infsoft Tracking, additional attributes such as vehicle type, inventory number and technical characteristics can be assigned to the beacons, which can then also be searched for.

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