Utilization Analysis of Car Lifts

In an automobile repair shop, a localization system makes a decisive contribution to ensuring efficient operational processes and the best possible utilization of workstations.


  • server-based vehicle localization in real time
  • monitoring of utilization and status of car lifts


Car lifts are an important part of every modern car dealership. They simplify the process of diagnostic, repair and maintenance work and offer application possibilities from smallest car to van. During the usually turbulent working day in a dealership, however, the existing lifts are not always optimally utilized. In many cases, car lifts are occupied when the work could also be carried out without lifting the vehicle. As a result, rising costs occur due to unnecessary waiting times and operational processes cannot be carried out quickly and smoothly.


The use of a tracking solution increases the efficiency of operational processes and ensures optimum utilization of all available car lifts. Real-time data on vehicle location as well as occupancy and status (raised/lowered) of lifts can be viewed at any time. Management can be alerted when idle or location violations occur, can retrieve reports based on historical activities, check utilization and identify under-utilized lifts.

The system enables significantly reduced vehicle downtime and a more even utilization of workstations and employees. Lower personnel costs, time savings, faster handling of repair and maintenance work and the resulting improved customer satisfaction increase the dealership’s competitiveness.


infsoft isometric utilization car lifts EN
3D Infographic: Utilization Analysis of Car Lifts

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed on the dealer’s premises and connected to the power grid. The vehicles to be tracked are equipped with infsoft Locator Tags with Ultra-wideband (UWB) module, which measure the distance (Time of Flight, ToF) to the Locator Nodes. The data is sent back to the Locator Nodes and from there transmitted to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where it is collected in a database and sent to a web interface. Via an app or a browser application, managers and employees can access the data and see vehicle location and thus utilization and status of the lifts on a map. The status (raised / lowered) is determined by measuring the height difference.

Significant figures such as the average duration of a work process or the number of movements per lift per day can be called up via the infsoft Analytics Engine and can help to uncover potentials for further process optimization.

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