App-based Room Control in Office Buildings

An employee app for companies offers intelligent control options to increase the comfort function for employees in everyday office life and at the same time reduce costs for the electrical installation of building technology.


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In modern office buildings, kilometers of cables are laid to control light and other building technology. The electrical installation is a significant cost factor in the construction of new buildings and, once installed, can only be changed at great expense. As the networking of building technology is also constantly being expanded, control via switches is often redundant and could be saved.


Light, heating, air-conditioning technology and elevators can be combined in the smart office solution to form an intelligent and cost-saving whole. This allows the door lock to the office floor to be opened using a smartphone instead of a key. In addition, the office lighting and air conditioning can be switched on and the lift can also be called. This leads to more comfort and more efficiency in everyday work. Depending on the location, the specific room information is transferred to the smartphone so that, for example, every employee can set his preferred room temperature from his desk.


infsoft isometric app based room control in office buildings EN
3D Infographic: App-Based Room Control in Office Buildings

The smartphone’s position is determined via a network of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons distributed evenly throughout the office building. They emit signals from which the app installed on the user’s smartphone calculates a position with an accuracy of up to 1-3 meters. The floor on which the Device is located is recorded. All employees are connected to the building management system via computer or smartphone. This allows doors, air conditioning and elevators to be controlled, thus defining or opening certain areas.

The infsoft Beacon Management Tool monitors the battery status of all Bluetooth transmitters, making maintenance easier.

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