Cargo Tracking at a Container Port

At container terminals, dwell time can be reduced and productivity can be increased by introducing a container tracking system.


  • server-based container tracking
  • real-time container visibility and control


All around the world, an innumerable number of businesses rely on cargo container ships to transport their goods and merchandise. Since the shipping process is very complex and contains many steps, there is a lot of uncertainty and potential for arising issues. In the worst case, wrong placement of containers can lead to delays of several months.


A container tracking system ensures that the right cargo is on the right ship. The locations of all containers including information (e.g. weight, size, port of loading, final destination) and current status (e.g. discharged, waiting for transshipping) are visible and accessible at any time.

Personnel can automatically be informed if a container is not placed in the right section of the terminal or if it is moved without permission. The solution helps reduce container dwell time and minimize repositioning costs, quickly identify delays and deviations, and set up automated alarms and alerts for proactive incident response.


infsoft isometric container tracking port EN
3D Infographic: Cargo Tracking at a Container Port

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon is placed on every shipping container. infsoft Locator Nodes AoA (housed in a robust outdoor case) are installed on the premises, which detect incoming signals from the beacons. The Locator Nodes submit the scan data to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where it is processed and transferred to an output medium. Based on the angle and distance determined, it is possible to calculate the position with an accuracy of 1 to 3 meters. Using a mobile app or a browser application, the position data can be accessed and the containers’ locations can be viewed on a digital map. A comfortable search function, which includes all device properties, allows for simple filtering.

Significant figures can be called up via infsoft Analytics and can help to uncover potentials for further process optimization.

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