Energy Monitoring and Control via BLE Socket

Smart Bluetooth Low Energy plugs can assist building operators with reducing energy consumption and costs.


  • monitoring of energy consumption and costs
  • BLE communication with infsoft tools
  • energy-saving profiles


PCs, printers, kitchen appliances – In office buildings, power consumption can quickly skyrocket due to a large number of electrical consumers. Many devices consume a lot of energy even in standby mode and cause hidden costs that could in fact be easily avoided.


Mokosmart BLE plug
infsoft Locator Beacon Smart Plug

Accurate recording of the energy consumption of individual devices creates transparency in terms of power consumption and costs and lays the foundation for effective energy management. Such monitoring is enabled by the use of intelligent Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plugs, which wirelessly transmit consumption values to infsoft’s software tools. Here, energy-saving profiles can be stored to take individual or even all devices off the grid – for example, in the evenings, on weekends, or during vacation periods. Building operators can view current and historically accumulated consumption data at any time and compare it with selected time periods. This allows them to see exactly how much energy and what costs have already been saved. In addition, devices with a high power consumption can be easily identified.


infsoft isometric Energy Monitoring BLE Socket
3D Infographic: Energy Monitoring and Control via BLE Socket

The individual consumers are connected to the smart BLE sockets. Via Bluetooth, the collected consumption data is forwarded to an infsoft Locator Node and from there via Wi-Fi to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here, they are visualized via infsoft Sensors and infsoft Analytics, and developments over time can be evaluated. Using infsoft Automation, you can store individual operating times for the consumers as well as automated notifications (e.g. when previously defined threshold values are exceeded).

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