Indoor and Outdoor Tracking on an Industrial Site

By using road stud beacons, goods on industrial sites can be reliably located, even across wide open spaces.


  • seamless tracking of goods across indoor and outdoor areas
  • outdoor localization using road stud beacons


Asset tracking requires both transmitter hardware, which is attached to the assets to be tracked, and receiver hardware, which is placed at regular intervals throughout the site. Typically, receiver hardware is mounted on walls, ceilings or pillars. In large, open areas outdoors, there are often no suitable options where the hardware can be installed.


use case road stud beacon
infsoft Locator Beacon Road Stud

To ensure the tracking of goods seamlessly across indoor and outdoor areas, infsoft Road Stud Beacons are used on the outside areas. The hardware can easily be mounted on the ground. As the road stud beacons are highly durable and resistant to weights of over five tons, they won’t be damaged by vehicles driving on top of them.

The road stud beacons can be used to reliably determine the position of goods which are transported by forklifts and temporarily stored outdoors. The location of the goods can be tracked at any time via a browser application or mobile app.


infsoft isometric Indoor Outdoor Tracking on Industrial Site
3D Infographic: Indoor and Outdoor Tracking on an Industrial Site

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are attached to the boxes to be tracked. The beacons emit signals that are received by infsoft Road Stud Beacons placed at regular intervals on the ground. From there, the data is forwarded to an infsoft Locator Node 1400 that is installed at a central location and sent to the infsoft LocAware platform®. There, the data is intelligently processed and the position is determined.

The current location and the movement of the goods over time can be monitored in infsoft Tracking.

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