New: infsoft Vector Maps

infsoft has been revamping its maps presentation – introducing vector-based maps and a lot of showy new features.

New: 3D Maps

Previously, we have been delivering our maps as image-tiles. Since this presented some limitations, we introduced new maps with additional options and improved performance.

Many web mapping applications deliver map data as images (raster map). Here, a series of tiles is loaded based on the extents of your view and how closely you are zoomed in, generating large volumes of data that need to be transmitted. At high zoom levels, raster maps can have a pixelated look and feel.

Vector-based maps on the other hand store data as a series of lines, points and polygons instead of pixels, resulting in a much smaller file. Vector maps offer maximum precision regardless of the zoom level. The need for loading more tiles when zooming in or out is eliminated, making the entire data set lighter and more suitable for offline use. Offline-capable maps are particularly useful for indoor navigation apps whose users expect to travel through areas with limited data connectivity.

The new infsoft maps include remarkable features. Using Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) enables us to render 2D and 3D vector graphics. Animated objects and 3D buildings create engaging effects. The visibility of text and graphical elements can be defined depending on the zoom level, providing great clarity at all times. When tilting and rotating the map, icons and text rotate with it so that they are always aligned with your viewing angle, which significantly improves readability.

Have a look for yourself and try our new infsoft vector maps:

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