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Indoor Positioning & Tracking in Industrial Areas

A Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) provides location-relevant data for operators, making the logistics process faster and smoother. An RTLS can not only help with productivity enhancement, but also with real-time decision support and the identification of hidden costs.

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Application Scenarios

Indoor positioning in industry and logistics enables the tracking of goods and employees in real time, location- and time-related analyses and indoor navigation. Among the most important benefits of such applications are reduced search times, process optimization, increased efficiency and greater safety for employees.

Asset Tracking in Industry and Logistics

Asset Tracking in Industry and Logistics

  • Seamless tracking of goods, pallets and vehicles in real time
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions (e.g. temperature)

Process Automation and Optimization

Process Automation and Optimization

  • Analysis of motion profiles
  • Automation through geofencing
  • Geo-based assignment of tasks

Increased Safety on Industrial Sites

Increased Safety on Industrial Sites

  • Securing of hazardous areas, automated alarm function
  • Individual access authorizations
  • Evacuation of employees in an emergency

Technical Implementation

For a tracking solution in industry and logistics, several tracking technologies are available. Factors that determine which technology is best suited in a particular application are the number of assets to be tracked, precision requirements and how fast the assets move. Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth Low Energy using Angle of Arrival are technologies that are frequently used in industrial environments because they enable tracking sub-meter positioning accuracy when there is a direct line of sight. The use of RFID is suitable for a point-specific object identification with high unit numbers.

Beacons with Bluetooth 4.0 are usually used for indoor navigation on company premises. Easy installation and a long battery life are major advantages of this technology. With a smartphone app, employees can easily navigate to their desired destination and view their current position on a digital map.

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