Indoor Navigation and LED Identification of Goods in Logistics

In large warehouses, indoor navigation and tracking solutions can make picking processes more efficient.


server-based solution:
  • real-time information on order status and productivity rates
  • location overview of all goods including status Information
  • simple identification of orders by LED Signals
client-based solution (smartphone app):
  • indoor navigation within the warehouse


In a large warehouse there are several thousand goods that are transported by forklift trucks or route trains for further processing. Efficient processes are important to minimize delays, production stops and the associated additional costs.


Order pickers can locate the position of the goods they are looking for in an app. Areas that require high picking speed with a low error rate often rely on “pick-by-light” solutions that can be linked to location information. Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons have LED lamps, so that when the picker approaches with a linked job, a light signal can be output for easy identification of the unit.

After removal, the order picker confirms the process by pressing a button in the app and the signal goes out. All required information is exchanged in real-time with the superimposed material flow or warehouse management system.


infsoft isometric LED identification beacons EN
3D Infographic: Indoor Navigation and LED Identification of Goods in Logistics

The boxes to be tracked are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons with LED lamp. Based on proximity logic (picker and goods are within a defined catchment area), the Beacon LED flashes as soon as the employee approaches the goods and is thus easier and more reliable to identify.

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed on the walls of the warehouse for indoor positioning. The Locator Nodes receive the bluetooth signals and transmit the data to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here the position is calculated and provided via web services. An app gives order pickers access to the data and the location of the goods on a map. Via an SAP interface, additional attributes such as type of goods, number of units and other characteristics are assigned to the beacons, which can be searched for within the application. The Beacon Management Platform monitors battery status to facilitate maintenance.

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