Management and Tracking of External Employees

Large companies generally award a large number of contracts to external partners. Cooperation with external companies presents both security and accounting challenges for companies.


  • server-based location overview in digital map
  • overview of times and locations of employees of external companies
  • determination of position in case of danger


Large companies often handle their work volumes with the help of external partners. The employees from outside the company often stay on the premises of the client to carry out your order, some of whom you are not familiar with. As a result, workers get lost and sometimes get close to sensitive areas. In order to protect the client or to prevent working time fraud or unpunctuality, it can be important that the routes and working times of external employees can be traced.

In the event of an emergency (e.g. fire, leakage of dangerous substances, risk of terrorism) it is important for the plant management to determine in which areas persons are still present in order to be able to evacuate them. At the meeting points it should be possible to determine how many people are still missing. This is particularly difficult if there are people on the site who are not members of the company.


The employees of external partners receive a temporary ID card, which can be tracked on the site and is returned after completion of the activity. If necessary, the location of external employees can be traced or a message can be triggered if sensitive areas are violated. In addition, the information can be stored and subsequently used for clarification.

Optionally, a client-based solution can also be integrated for the server-side solution. All they have to do is carry a smartphone with a special app with them during working hours. The application transmits the location of the temporary worker and enables the return channel for location-based assignment of tasks. Completed tasks can also be reported. A dashboard provides management with an overview of the individual locations and the current task status. In addition, indoor navigation can also be used on the entire site.


isometric fremdmitarbeiter EN
3D Infographic: Management and Tracking of External Employees

infsoft Locator Nodes will be installed on the entire site. In addition, every person entering the site will be equipped with a BLE beacon, which is integrated into an ID card. The BLE beacons send signals (ID, RSSI, timestamp) which are received by the infsoft Locator Nodes and forwarded to a server. The position of the respective beacon can then be determined on the server. infsoft’s Beacon Management Tool facilitates the maintenance and monitoring of radio transmitters.

In the client-based solution, the beacons emit signals from which the app installed on the user’s smartphone calculates a position with an accuracy of up to 1-3 meters. The position can be used for turn-by-turn navigation to assigned tasks or reported points. Once an external employee has completed a task of his service, this information can be stored either automatically or after tapping on the smartphone.

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