Tracking of Work Equipment in a Hotel

In a hotel, a tracking system improves the visibility of important work equipment.


  • location and status information on hotel assets
  • theft protection and utilization analysis


Since important work equipment in a hotel is used by several employees, it can sometimes be time-consuming to quickly find the required item. This has a negative impact on workflows and staff productivity. Also, lost or misplaced assets can generate high costs for the hotel.


A tracking system provides visibility into critical hotel assets. The solution tracks the location of work assets, such as laundry carts and valuable UV disinfection lamps, and ensures they are available to staff when needed. Employees have access to the data and can view location and status information (e.g. condition, idle times, maintenance schedule). This helps identify assets that are missing, in the wrong location, not being used, or in poor condition.

The system also helps provide better insight into how work assets are being used. It aids in predicting times of high demand and allows assets to be provisioned accordingly. The tracking solution also enables to protect assets against theft. As soon as a tracked item leaves a predefined area, this is registered and an automatic alert can be sent to designated staff.


infsoft isometric Tracking of Work Equipment in a Hotel
3D Infographic: Tracking of Work Equipment in a Hotel

The objects to be tracked are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy asset tags (BLE beacons)infsoft Locator Beacons and a small number of infsoft Locator Nodes are installed in the hotel. The asset tags send out Bluetooth signals at regular intervals, which are received by the infsoft Locator Beacons and forwarded to a Locator Node. The Locator Node sends the data to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where the asset’s position is calculated. Other relevant information such as daily utilization time and frequency can be displayed via infsoft Analytics. The tool infsoft Automation can be used to define triggers for sending messages/warnings.

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