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Analyzing Walking Routes at a Major Sports Event

Analyzing Walking Routes at a Major Sports Event

The analysis of walking routes is intended to provide organizers of sporting events with important insights for their internal planning.

At a glance
  • 2D/3D building maps
  • frequency measurements
  • overview of the utilization of individual areas

Problem definition

At an international sports event with 10,000 participants there is a separate area for athletes where they can inform and supply themselves. For internal planning, the organizers want to know which areas are most popular, how people move between the stands and how many people return to the area.


The motion profiles of people who stay in the area are collected anonymously and are evaluated afterwards. Thus, it can be measured how busy the individual areas are and if the arrangement of the stands can be improved.

Technical implementation

Analyzing Visitor Flows at a Major Sports Event
There are several infsoft Locator Nodes installed across the area. Those small hardware components are connected to the electrical grid and capture all devices sending out Wi-Fi signals. In that case it’s the athletes’ smartphones. The anonymous data is stored in a database and thus can be evaluated with the infsoft tools.

Attention should be paid to the restrictions regarding Wi-Fi tracking, which means that it is not always possible to unambigiously determine the number of devices in an area.

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