Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Digital Information Displays for Office Buildings

A digital signage solution with E-Ink displays offers building users added value by displaying live information (e.g., building plans, security notices, room occupancy information).


Indoor and Outdoor Tracking on an Industrial Site

By using road stud beacons, goods on industrial sites can be reliably located, even across wide open spaces.


Energy Monitoring and Control via BLE Socket

Smart Bluetooth Low Energy plugs can assist building operators with reducing energy consumption and costs.


Tracking of Infants in a Hospital

A tracking solution for newborns in the hospital provides additional safety for parents and infants.


Digital Labeling of Lockers

In the era of flexible working environments, the use of E-Ink displays enables businesses to offer their workforce a dynamic locker solution.


Room Environment Monitoring in Offices

The continuous measurement and monitoring of environmental conditions in an office facilitates an optimal working environment for employees.


Tracking of Equipment for Maintenance Orders

A mobile app for maintenance service providers ensures that all necessary work equipment is carried in the service vehicle.


Automated Workflow Management for Maintenance Orders in Healthcare

A workflow management app helps to quickly locate medical equipment to be serviced and to ensure efficient maintenance workflows.


Automatic Time Recording at Workstations

A tracking solution enables the automatic and reliable recording of working hours of employees who work alternately at different workstations.