Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft

Gina Wurms
Gina Wurms's Article

Dead Man Control via Indoor Positioning

A dead man's switch is used for work safety at individual workplaces or on dangerous machines. With infsoft Indoor Positioning, the position of the employee in question is forwarded to a control center in an emergency, so that help can be provided quickly in an emergency.


Indoor Navigation, Kid Finder and Crew Monitoring on a Cruise Ship

This use case describes the implementation of a tracking system on a cruise ship enables the opportunity to guarantee a better experience for the guests on board and enhances the safety for children and crew.


Positioning of Tractors

By using a tracking system, any truck can be located in real-time on the premises of a tractor manufacturer.


Temperature Monitoring of Food in a Warehouse

The use of Indoor Tracking enables the temperature, pressure, humidity and shelf life of foodstuffs to be monitored more closely during storage.


Indoor Navigation and Persons Tracking in the Shopping Mall

Visitors of a shopping centre can navigate to certain shops, restaurants etc. by Indoor Navigation and parents can locate their children with a bracelet so that they cannot get lost.


Localization of Casting Ladles in a Steel Mill

In a steel mill there are approximately 10 steel ladles which move around carrying liquid steel. The solution should display the position of the steel ladles on a digital map.


Positioning of Overhead Cranes

This application examples describes the indoor positioning of overhead cranes.


Positioning of Wagons in a Maintenance Facility

A railway company has a large workshop hall, where wagons are parked on tracks in order to repair them. Indoor positioning technology helps tracking them.


Indoor Tracking of Visitor Flows in Factory Sites

This use case by infsoft describes an indoor tracking system at an airport which delivers real-time location information about equipment.


Vehicle and Equipment Monitoring at an Airport

This use case by infsoft describes an indoor tracking system at an airport which delivers real-time location information about equipment.