Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft

Gina Wurms
Gina Wurms's Article

Asset Tracking and Indoor Navigation in a Clinic

A large clinical complex with several hundreds of thousands square meters has a lot of departments. Those departments on the one hand share certain medical equipment, for example a mobile X-ray machine. Indoor positioning services help to locate that medical equipment.


Indoor Positioning of Cars in a Car Showroom

This application examples describes the indoor positioning of cars in a car showroom and an app which lets customers navigate to preferred cars.


Measuring Train Wagon Utilization in Rail Traffic

A railway company wants to measure the utilization of rail wagons and make predictions of passenger behavior. See how it works.


Asset and Personnel Tracking in Tunneling

This use case by infsoft describes the use of a tracking system on tunnel construction sites.


Inventory Management of Economic Assets on Company Premises

There is a large company premise on which economic assets (i.e. PCs, office furniture, vehicles) should be inventoried. The management would like to determine the position of objects at any time.


Monitoring and Asset Tracking in the Healthcare Sector

This use case shows you how you can locate and protect patients and employees in a clinic, and provides you with an intelligent asset management solution.


Process Optimization in Automotive Manufacturing

In automotive production, the use of a tracking system based on Ultra-wideband can ensure smooth logistics processes.


Tracking of Floor Conveyors and Goods in Logistics

Processes in a warehouse or production facility can be optimized with the aid of indoor localization and route analysis.


Analysis of Consumer Behavior in a Supermarket

In a supermarket, the customers' movements are analyzed in order to gain insight into their habits and their buying behavior.


Investigation of Bicycle Theft

In the Belgian city of Mechelen, many bicycles are stolen. The police there sought a solution to retrieve the bicycles, to convict the perpetrators and to reduce the number of thefts in the long run.