Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Security Guards

Indoor navigation and tracking ensure the safety of a large area and the smooth running of the security service.


Location-Based Employee Services

This application example by infsoft shows how you can manage meeting rooms and simplify workflows with the help of an employee app.


Indoor Navigation and Staff Tracking at a Trade Fair

This use case describes the implementation of an indoor navigation and tracking solution at a trade fair.


An Emergency Call System for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

With the help of an indoor positioning system (IPS) it is possible to locate persons in a nursing facility and increase their safety.


Intermodal Travel Planning

This use case describes how an intermodal travel planner ensures seamless door-to-door mobility thanks to the optimal combination of transport modes.


Indoor Navigation and Interactive Tour in a Museum

This use case illustrates an indoor positioning system based on beacons in a museum, which is a great way to engage museum visitors in a new, interactive way.


Dead Man Control via Indoor Positioning

A dead man's switch is used for work safety at individual workplaces or on dangerous machines. With infsoft Indoor Positioning, the position of the employee in question is forwarded to a control center in an emergency, so that help can be provided quickly in an emergency.


Indoor Navigation, Kid Finder and Crew Monitoring on a Cruise Ship

This use case describes the implementation of a tracking system on a cruise ship enables the opportunity to guarantee a better experience for the guests on board and enhances the safety for children and crew.


Indoor Navigation and Persons Tracking in the Shopping Mall

Visitors of a shopping centre can navigate to certain shops, restaurants etc. by Indoor Navigation and parents can locate their children with a bracelet so that they cannot get lost.


Asset Tracking and Indoor Navigation in a Clinic

A large clinical complex with several hundreds of thousands square meters has a lot of departments. Those departments on the one hand share certain medical equipment, for example a mobile X-ray machine. Indoor positioning services help to locate that medical equipment.