Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Indoor Navigation and Persons Tracking in the Shopping Mall

Visitors of a shopping centre can navigate to certain shops, restaurants etc. by Indoor Navigation and parents can locate their children with a bracelet so that they cannot get lost.


Asset Tracking and Indoor Navigation in a Clinic

A large clinical complex with several hundreds of thousands square meters has a lot of departments. Those departments on the one hand share certain medical equipment, for example a mobile X-ray machine. Indoor positioning services help to locate that medical equipment.


Indoor Positioning of Cars in a Car Showroom

This application examples describes the indoor positioning of cars in a car showroom and an app which lets customers navigate to preferred cars.


Measuring Train Wagon Utilization in Rail Traffic

A railway company wants to measure the utilization of rail wagons and make predictions of passenger behavior. See how it works.


Process Optimization in Automotive Manufacturing

In automotive production, the use of a tracking system based on Ultra-wideband can ensure smooth logistics processes.