Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Tracking Visitor Flows in Stadiums

By tracking visitor flows in stadiums (for sports and other kinds of events), the security can be increased and the overall visitor experience can be improved.


Condition Monitoring in Archive Rooms

This use case by infsoft describes how a condition monitoring system ensures the long-term preservation of sensitive documents in archive rooms.


Mobile Access Control System for Office Buildings

The access to areas and rooms in office buildings can be managed reliably using a mobile access control system.


Tracking of Emergency Services During Training Exercises

This use case by infsoft describes how a tracking system contributes to an increased security of the participants during fire brigade exercises.


Management of Conference Rooms

Condition sensors in combination with a workflow management tool enable an efficient management of conference rooms.


Enhanced Safety on a Motocross Track

This use case by infsoft illustrates how a tracking system on a motocross track increases safety for the riders and helps operators to reduce costs.


Investigation and Prevention of Criminal Offences at ATMs

A tracking solution and machine learning can solve and prevent crimes at ATMs.


Load Carrier Tracking in Logistics

This use case by infsoft describes how load carrier tracking can contribute to increased efficiency of logistics chains.


Mobile App and Indoor Navigation for Supermarkets

An app for customers and an indoor navigation solution for supermarkets improve the shopping experience and increase customer engagement.


Patient Wandering System for Dementia Sufferers in Nursing Homes

This use case by infsoft shows how a tracking solution helps to guarantee the freedom of movement and the safety of dementia patients.