Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Machine Learning in Shopping Centers

Applying Machine Learning to shopping centers allows a precise forecast of the number of visitors that can be expected. On that basis, advertising spaces can be priced accurately.


Tracking Solution with Information Display for Hospital Beds

A tracking solution with E-Ink display ensures the proper condition of hospital beds, facilitates the work of hospital staff and enables a smooth process flow.


Tracking of Goods in Logistics

This use case by infsoft illustrates the use of a tailored tracking solution that helps companies maximize warehouse operations.


Digital Services in Car Rental

This use case by infsoft desribes how digital services help car rental companies optimize processes and improve the rental experience.


Livestock Monitoring and Management System

This use case describes the implementation of an animal tracking system in order to give farmers the ability to trace the animals’ activity levels, health, and feeding status.


Utilization Analysis of Work Devices

In industrial environments, a geobased logic engine makes a decisive contribution to ensuring efficient operating processes and the best possible utilization of workstations.


Pallet Tracking in Logistics

By implementing a localization system in logistics, goods in large warehouses can be found fast and reliably.


Positioning and Evacuation in the Mining Industry

Indoor positioning can be used to quickly evacuate endangered persons underground in an emergency in mining or tunnels. In this way, carbon monoxide poisoning can be avoided and working conditions improved. In the event of a mine accident, assistance can be provided more quickly and, above all, in a more coordinated manner.


Utilization Analysis of Car Lifts

This use case by infsoft describes the implementation of a tracking system in a car repair shop, ensuring the best possible utilization of workstations.


Georeferenced Order Management for Fruit Harvesting

This use case by infsoft describes the implementation of a tracking system in a fruit orchard.