Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Digital Services for Hotel Guests and Staff

This use case by infsoft shows how a hotel app can offer a digital all-round service for guests, hotel managers and cleaning staff.


Indoor Tracking of Patients in Hospitals

Using an indoor positioning system (IPS) and condition sensors, hospital staff can check whether bedridden patients are getting out of their sleeping position and leaving bed. In addition, the system offers the possibility of detecting a patient's fall and intervening immediately.


Indoor Navigation and Tracking on Campus Areas

A campus app for universities offers intelligent functions for finding lecture halls, offices and bicycles.


Container Management in Automotive Production

This use case by infsoft describes how a tracking solution maps container movements in a fully automated way.


Indoor Tracking with Display Beacons in Logistics

In large production halls, the use of a tracking system with E-Ink displays can ensure a smooth process for the assembly workstations.


Indoor Tracking of Tool Boxes in the Hangar

Maintenance work on aircraft and their components is important to keep the aircraft safe and ready for daily flight operations. Efficient solutions for maintenance work can significantly reduce downtimes.


Condition-Capturing Sensor Functions in Office Buildings

Condition monitoring sensor enable the adaptation of climate control and lighting control to the actual room use in an office building.


Management and Analysis of Cleaning Services

This use case by infsoft describes how a tracking system allows determining whether a cleaning contractor’s performance meets the client’s expectations.


Waiting Time Management and Kid Finder in the Amusement Park

The main advantage of location solutions in amusement parks is queue management. For many people, the long waiting times at roller coasters, toilets and restaurants are the biggest deterrent that keeps them from visiting amusement parks more often, especially during peak holiday periods.


Prevention and Investigation of Vandalism

This case study by infsoft describes the use of a Wi-Fi tracking system for investigation and prevention of vandalism.