Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft

Gina Wurms
Gina Wurms's Article

Waiting Time Management and Kid Finder in the Amusement Park

The main advantage of location solutions in amusement parks is queue management. For many people, the long waiting times at roller coasters, toilets and restaurants are the biggest deterrent that keeps them from visiting amusement parks more often, especially during peak holiday periods.


Prevention and Investigation of Vandalism

This case study by infsoft describes the use of a Wi-Fi tracking system for investigation and prevention of vandalism.


Indoor Navigation and Monitoring in the Substation

Substations are an important component of the power grid and their regular maintenance maintains grid stability in Germany. At regular intervals, technicians must check the condition of the systems and replace components if necessary.


App-based Room Control in Office Buildings

An employee app for companies offers intelligent control options to increase the comfort function for employees in everyday office life and at the same time reduce costs for the electrical installation of building technology.


Enhancing Customer Experience Using Service Robots in Retail

This use case by infsoft describes the use of a service robot in retail, which adds value to the smooth customer journey.


Passenger Flow and Wait Time Monitoring at an Airport

This use case by infsoft describes a tracking solution at an airport that allows to understand how passengers move through the facility and predict waiting times.


Indoor Navigation and LED Identification of Goods in Logistics

In large warehouses, indoor navigation and tracking solutions can make picking processes more efficient.


Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Changing Workplaces

An employee app for companies provides an overview of the current occupancy of workstations and meeting rooms.


Railway Train Tracking System

This use case by infsoft describes a train localization system which can be used to better control rail traffic.


Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Tugger Trains

Indoor navigation for tugger trains for warehouse optimization. In addition, an asset tracking solution enables the retrieval of the location, service life and movement history of goods.