Condition Monitoring During Cheese Ripening

A condition monitoring system ensures optimal environmental conditions for cheese ripening.


  • monitoring of humidity and temperature
  • automatic notification in case of deviation from target values


For each type of cheese there are certain conditions (temperature, humidity) that must be met in order for the cheese to mature optimally. When the environmental conditions deviate, the maturing time can be prolonged, or the quality of the final product can be reduced. In the worst case, the cheese is no longer saleable.


To ensure an optimal maturing process and a high quality of the final products, a condition monitoring system can be implemented. Humidity and temperature in the ripening room are continuously measured by sensor beacons. As soon as the system registers that the measured values deviate from the target values, a message is automatically sent to the responsible personnel. In this way, employees can promptly take countermeasures to ensure that the ripening process is not disturbed.


3D Infographic: Condition Monitoring During Cheese Ripening

In the ripening room, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are attached to the shelves at regular intervals. In addition, a small number of infsoft Locator Nodes is installed (depending on room size).

The beacons are equipped with sensor functions, measure the relative humidity and temperature in the environment and send the scan data to a Locator Node. From there, the data is transmitted to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where it is intelligently processed and made available via web services. In the infsoft Automation Engine, the status information is linked to conditions so that actions such as notification of employees can be triggered automatically in the event of deviations from target values.

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