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Condition Monitoring with Information Display for Optimal Wine Maturation

A condition monitoring system ensures the optimal environmental conditions for successful wine maturation and storage. E-Ink displays provide modern information for local staff.

At a glance
  • Display presentation of relevant information on E-Ink Beacon
  • monitoring of air humidity and temperature
  • automatic notification in case of deviation from target values

Problem Definition

For ideal wine storage and maturation, it is also important to ensure that the storage temperature and humidity are only within a defined range. Otherwise the taste of the wine may be damaged or the quality of the stored wine reduced. Problems can become apparent, for example, in increased corking of the wine or external impairments. The oxygen supply during the maturing process can also be influenced.

Monitoring the ideal storage and maturing conditions therefore requires a high degree of documentation and work. Especially since each wine requires special treatment. A significant increase in efficiency can be achieved by using modern condition monitoring.


The decisive criteria for long-term bottle storage are temperature and humidity. A condition monitoring system is used to ensure an optimal maturing process and high quality of the end products. Through the use of E-Ink-Beacon Displays, important information regarding the respective wine can be viewed at any time. The E-Ink Display, which is attached to a barrel for example, shows all important information about the wine in question. This includes information about the type of wine, storage date and the minimum maturing time.

As soon as it is registered that the measured values deviate from the target values, a message can also be automatically sent to the responsible personnel. In this way, countermeasures can be taken in good time to ensure optimum storage.

Technical Implementation

Condition Monitoring with Information Display for Optimal Wine Maturation

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are attached to the shelves in the ripening room at regular intervals. Depending on the size of the room, a defined number of infsoft Locator Nodes are installed in the room to record the status of the room.

The labelling of the E-Ink Display Beacons can be realised via an interface with the ERP software. The content of an infsoft Locator Node is transferred via Bluetooth to the E-Ink Display to be labelled. The information on the display can be automatically adjusted with the help of the infsoft Automation Engine as soon as a crate of wine leaves the warehouse. If a wine has been in storage for too long, this is automatically noted on the display and an automatic message can also be sent to the winemaker.

The beacons are equipped with sensor functions that measure the humidity and temperature in the environment and send the scan data to a Locator Node. This Node transmits the data to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here they are processed intelligently and made available via web services. In the infsoft Automation Engine, the status information is linked to conditions so that actions such as notification of the owner can be triggered automatically if there is a deviation from the target values.

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