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Coordination of Medical Examinations for Military Aptitude Tests

With the help of a mobile app, aptitude testing procedures can be simplified while optimizing the experience for applicants.

At a glance
  • client-based localization via smartphone app
  • indoor navigation to examination stations
  • key figure analysis and process optimization

Problem Definition

In order to become a military pilot, applicants must first prove their medical aptitude. To do this, they undergo comprehensive tests in a medical facility. Coordinating the procedures for these tests without the support of digital services is laborious and not very effective. For applicants, it can be challenging in complex buildings to quickly find their way to the different examination rooms.


In the medical facility, a mobile app is made available to the applicants. Users can install it on their own smartphone or run it on a rental device. Upon registration, the participants receive a code which they can enter in the app and to which the individual examination stations are assigned in a specific order. The different examination sequences for each code / participant help to avoid congestion and optimize workflows.

In the smartphone app, applicants see their location on a digital map and can select their next examination station as a navigation destination. Also, they can automatically receive push messages with important information or changes to their examinations.

Technical Implementation

Coordination of Medical Examinations for Military Aptitude Tests

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons installed in the facility are used for positioning. Using infsoft Locator Beacons instead of ordinary beacons provides additional benefits, as they can be used for asset tracking in addition to indoor navigation. A mobile device receives the Bluetooth signals of the beacons and uses a signal strength measurement to determine its position. An app is required for this. It guides the user precisely to the selected destination using directional instructions. Via a back channel, geo- and/or time-based push messages can be sent to the user's smartphone. The corresponding triggers and actions are defined via infsoft Automation.

During registration, the user is assigned a code that is linked to the position data when stored in the app and is sent to the infsoft LocAware platform®. This enables measuring dwell times and other important key figures. Web services ensure simple and fast bidirectional information exchange with the information system of the military hospital.

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