E-Ink Messaging Service for Apartment Complexes

A smart messaging service using E-Ink displays gives janitors the ability to provide tenants with real-time information.


  • digital information display for each apartment
  • real-time updates on janitorial services


Managing a large apartment complex usually means that janitors are in charge of a lot of different services and need to juggle a busy schedule, which can lead to poor communication and customer service. In fact, a lot of tenant complaints revolve around communication or lack thereof. Finding a way to keep tenants efficiently informed of recent developments, malfunctions or upcoming maintenance work can greatly improve their satisfaction.


A smart messaging service using E-Ink displays significantly improves and facilitates communication between facility management and occupants and increases productivity for janitorial services. The E-Inks are attached within the apartments and display important information that could be related to security, parking, cleaning, technology, refurbishments, and so on. Janitors can use web-based software to choose whether to display content on selected or on all E-Inks. Content changes can be controlled automatically.


3D Infographic: E-Ink Messaging Service for Apartment Complexes

In the apartment complex, an infsoft Locator Node 1400 is installed on each building floor. infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons are attached to a wall in the entrance areas of the apartments. In order to display content on the infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons, the desired content and device(s) are selected via the infsoft CMS. The content is then transferred via Bluetooth from an infsoft Locator Node to the E-Ink display to be labeled. Display contents can not only be updated manually, but also automatically – using infsoft Automation to define corresponding conditions.

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