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Enhanced Safety on a Motocross Track

Implementing a tracking system on a motocross track increases safety for the riders and helps operators to simplify processes and reduce costs.

At a glance
  • server-based real-time tracking of vehicles
  • automatic indication of hazardous situations
  • notification to race management

Problem Definition

Motocross is a high-risk sport. With fast-paced jumping over hills and cruising through muddy terrain comes the risk of accidents and injury. If fallen riders do not manage to move their vehicle out of the way quickly, the possibility of further crashes and pile-ups increases. On complex tracks, marshals usually need some time to analyze the situation and take appropriate safety measures by denoting the hazard via a waved flag. Having enough marshals on track represents a considerable cost factor for racetrack operators.


A tracking system on a motocross track helps to increase safety and can reduce the risk of fatal injury. In addition, personnel costs can be significantly decreased.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the location of the vehicles on the route can be tracked in real time. If a vehicle comes to a standstill, the location is immediately transmitted to the race control. The digital flag system is activated and, for example, automatically set to "yellow" (danger, no overtaking). With the help of further aids such as imaging systems, the race control can record the situation and, if necessary, manually trigger further actions (e.g. change flag sign, notify ambulance service or technician).

Technical Implementation

Enhanced Safety on a Motocross Track

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are attached to the vehicles. Alternatively or additionally, the beacons can be integrated in the helmets of the drivers. infsoft Locator Nodes are installed at regular intervals on the race track. The Locator Nodes receive the Bluetooth signals of the beacons and transmit the data to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here they are processed in real time and the positions of the drivers are displayed on a map which can be accessed via a mobile app or a browser application. If a beacon is motionless for a defined period of time, the digital flag system is automatically activated and the display of a predefined flag symbol, as well as a notification to the race management, is triggered. Conditions and actions are defined via the web-based infsoft Automation Engine.

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