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Georeferenced Order Management for Fruit Harvesting

In an orchard, a georeferenced order management system ensures smooth process flows and increased harvest efficiency.

At a glance

client-based solution:

  • 2D/3D plan of the area
  • overview of tasks
  • navigation to work location

server-based solution:

  • real-time staff localization
  • assignment and management of tasks

Problem Definition

In an orchard, thousands of fruits are harvested every day – conventionally using 'handpicking' methods. However, the work processes are usually not adapted to the current location of the employees and the current condition of the trees (e.g. pest infestations, fruit growth). The longer the working distances for the employees, the less time is available for the actual picking work. This results in higher personnel costs and lower yields. In addition, pest infestation is sometimes not noticed quickly or measures are not taken promptly to eliminate it. As a result, the goal of low-loss harvesting cannot always be achieved.


A tracking system enables better planning and monitoring of work steps and personnel requirements for fruit harvesting. Farm managers can assign tailor-made tasks to employees to ensure that processes run smoothly. In addition, the progress of operations can be monitored at any time.

Employees can use an app to see how much should be picked from which tree. They can view their work orders on their smartphone, start a navigation to their next location and confirm completed orders via app. Harvesters also have the option of using the app to report anomalies such as pest infestation. This ensures that fruit growers are updated about potential issues and can respond rapidly.

Farmers can see an overview of the trees (including harvest status) as well as the number of deployed employees and their locations on a map. On the basis of this information, they plan and control open work orders. In addition to the actual fruit picking, the tracking solution can also be used to efficiently manage other work steps such as replanting or pruning.

Technical Implementation

Georeferenced Order Management for Fruit Harvesting

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are installed at regular intervals in the orchard. The radio transmitters are housed in a weatherproof outdoor case. The app installed on the smartphones of the employees receives and interprets the signals of the beacons and uses them to calculate the current position of the device, which can be used for turn-by-turn navigation to assigned tasks. Once a job has been completed, this information can be stored in the app by clicking on a button.

The position data is also transferred to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Fruit growers have access to the data via browser application and can assign tasks based on employee locations. The georeferenced order management is handled via the infsoft Workflow Management. Using the infsoft Automation Engine, warnings can be triggered automatically, e.g. if an employee has not gone to the correct location.

Individually customizable reports allow a quick assessment of the company's productivity. Historical data can be retrieved, evaluated and compared with real-time data at any time.

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