Investigation and Prevention of Criminal Offences at ATMs

A tracking solution and machine learning can solve and prevent crimes at ATMs.


  • tracking of criminals
  • forecasts with machine learning
  • automated generation of warnings


ATMs are being broken open or stolen altogether regularly. Especially blowing them up using explosives has become frequent practice. These offences result in great damages because in addition to the captured money, surrounding buildings get damaged.


A tracking solution and the application of machine learning can help to solve and prevent these crimes.

As a lot of the criminals are repeat offenders, they can be recognized with the help of their smartphones. For this, their MAC addresses will be registered and saved during their first offence. When the smartphone of a suspected criminal offender is detected close to a different ATM at some other time, an automated alarm can be triggered and a police patrol can be sent to the ATM. This way, the police will arrive in time to prevent the offence and arrest the criminal.


3D Infographic: Investigation and Prevention of Criminal Offences at ATMs

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed close to or inside ATMs. By detecting probe requests, the presence of mobile devices, that have their Wi-Fi function switched on, can be documented. Moreover, their MAC addresses are recorded.

The data received by the Locator Nodes is sent to the infsoft LocAware platform®. There it is processed in real-time and imported to infsoft Machine Learning. By recognizing patterns and regularities in existing data, the tool can make reliable predictions and assumptions. For example, on basis of suspicious patterns of activity or the presence of a certain device at previous crime scenes, the tool can determine if a detected device belongs to a criminal offender.

When the machine learning tool predicts that a criminal offence is imminent, an automated action can be generated by the infsoft Automation Engine. For example, an automated warning can be sent to the police.

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