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Mobile App and Indoor Navigation for Supermarkets

An app for customers and an indoor navigation solution for supermarkets improve the shopping experience and increase customer engagement.

At a glance
  • supermarket app for customers
  • indoor navigation inside stores

Problem Definition

Most supermarkets are large and have an extensive product range which makes it difficult for customers to find their desired items straightaway. This is why customers regularly take detours inside the store in order to find a particular product or leave the store unhappy because they weren’t able to find what they were looking for.


Customers can download a mobile app that contributes to a pleasant shopping experience to their smartphones. Inside the app, customers can find useful information and features regarding the supermarket. This includes the recent offers of the week and a map that highlights the closest stores. Furthermore, it is possible to save groceries and other products that one intends to buy on a digital shopping list. This way, customers won’t forget to buy products while shopping and have an overview over the costs for the purchase.

Once inside the store, customers can navigate through the aisles using an indoor navigation solution. The customers will move through the store according to the contents on their digital shopping list. As a result, they will always take the best and shortest route to the checkout and put all needed items in their shopping cart along the way.

Advanced features of the app make it possible to pre-order groceries and simply pick them up at the closest store, if desired. Moreover, the app can be used to unlock shopping carts in order to prevent thefts of the carts. Additionally, a live chat function and a code scanner, that help obtaining further information regarding the products, can be implemented in the app.

Technical Implementation

Mobile App and Indoor Navigation for Supermarkets

A requirement for the solution is that customers install an app on their smartphones.

Inside the supermarket, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are attached to the walls. While walking through the store, the customers’ smartphones receive the signals sent by the beacons. By measuring the signal strength, the position of the customers can be determined directly inside the app.

In addition, the collected data can be sent to the infsoft LocAware platform® where it is intelligently processed and analyzed. This way, it is possible to gain further insights into the shopping behavior of customers.

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