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Mobile Services for Golf Courses

A tracking solution and a mobile app for golf courses improve the overall playing experience for golfers. At the same time, operators can gain valuable insights.

At a glance
  • utilization analysis at tees
  • mobile app for golfers
  • uncovering of optimization potential

Problem Definition

On a sunny day, a golf course can be crowded and the waiting times at the tees are long. Furthermore, it can get difficult to find your fellow players on the large area of a golf club.


A tracking solution and an app for golf courses give players an overview of the waiting times at the tees and the location of other golfers.

In the app, players can check the current occupancy at the tees at any time. If there are, for example, a lot of people at the first tee, the golfers can decide to start their game at the tenth hole instead. The information that shows how much time people spend at certain locations during the game is also of great relevance to the operators of the golf course as it can reveal optimization potential.

Since golf clubs are large, a feature that allows golfers to share their location with other players is very useful. If the route to the shared location is not known, a navigation can also be started. Other features that can be integrated into the app include the option of reserving a golf caddy, viewing the menu of the golf club's restaurant or reporting any deficits on the golf course directly.

Technical Implementation

Mobile Services for Golf Courses

In order to use the mentioned features, golfers have to install an app on their smartphones. The GPS function of the smartphone is used to share the location with other players.

To carry out the occupancy analysis, each player carries a BLE beacon which is attached to his golf bag. infsoft Locator Nodes are installed in proximity of the tees and detect the signals emitted by the beacons. The data is then sent to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where the position is determined. In the infsoft Analytics dashboard, the data is visualized and the occupancy can be seen. In addition, the information is sent to the app and made available to the golfers.

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