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Mobile Services for Stadium Visitors

At major sports events, the recording of visitor flows contributes to a more effective utilization of concession stands and an improved visitor experience.

At a glance
  • monitoring of visitor flows
  • mobile app for stadium visitors
  • prediction of waiting times

Problem Definition

At sports events, the search for a parking space, the orientation around the stadium and the supply of food and beverages can prove challenging for many visitors. In order to provide technological support and improve the overall quality of experience, many stadium operators have plans for introducing "smart stadium" concepts. Part of such concepts are mobile apps that offer service, convenience and transparency for stadium visitors.


A mobile stadium app offers functions that increase comfort in and around the stadium. This is based on the monitoring of visitor flows, which displays the number of visitors to different areas of the stadium grounds in real time. Various functions can be implemented based on this information.

The app shows users the current expected waiting time at the catering facilities, ticket offices, and admission controls. This way, the visitor can, for example, seek a more distant but less busy concession stand during the break times in order not to miss the restart of the game. It is also possible to send push messages concerning the food/product offering to the users' smartphones.

Other possible features of the app (realized via interfaces with subsystems) include mobile payment or the possibility to display availabilities of existing parking areas.

Technical Implementation

Mobile Services for Stadium Visitors

To measure the flow of movements, infsoft Locator Nodes which are installed throughout the area receive Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth signals from the smartphones carried by stadium visitors. In the infsoft LocAware platform®, the data is intelligently processed and visitor movements can be visualized and analyzed.

Using the infsoft Analytics tool, the data is displayed in the form of diagrams and graphics and historical data can be called up, evaluated and compared with real-time data at any time. Stadium operators can access the data via a browser application, while a mobile app makes the information available to visitors.

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