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Occupancy Analysis in Fitness Studios

The analysis of position data in fitness studios contributes to an improved utilization and an optimized experience for members.

At a glance
  • tracking of gym members
  • area specific occupancy analysis

Problem Definition

At certain times, gyms are particularly busy. If there are too many people, long waiting times at the equipment can occur and the fun and efficiency of the workout suffer.


A tracking solution and the analysis of position data can lead to an optimized utilization of the studio and increase member satisfaction. For this purpose, the members' location is determined room- or area-specific. The tracking is performed anonymously and in compliance with data protection guidelines.

In an analysis software the collected position data can be reviewed and visualized. It is possible to determine, for example, how busy individual rooms or areas are at different times or how much time members spend in the gym on average. Based on the data, optimization potentials can be uncovered and improvements can be made. For example, moving a fitness course to a different time can lead to a more even utilization of the studio and equipment.

In addition, the expected utilization of the studio at certain times can be communicated to members so that they can plan their stay accordingly. This can be done, for example, in an app or on the gym's website.

Technical Implementation

Occupancy Analysis in Fitness Studios

The members carry Bluetooth Low Energy beacons with them which are integrated into the membership cards. The signals emitted by the beacons are received by Locator Beacons, which are installed in each area or room. The Locator Beacons send the data to an infsoft Locator Node, which is installed at a central location in the gym and connected to the network. The Locator Node then forwards the data to the infsoft LocAware platform® where the position is determined and the data is processed intelligently.

In infsoft Analytics, the collected data can be visualized in comprehensive and personalized dashboards.

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