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Process Optimization in Santa’s Christmas Workshop

In Santa’s Christmas workshop, an asset tracking system makes it possible to retrieve location and movement history of gifts and ensures optimized process flows.

At a glance
  • server-based localization of gifts and Christmas sleigh
  • optimal flight path calculation
  • monitoring of transport process

Problem Definition

In Santa's workshop at the North Pole, countless gifts are wrapped and prepared for shipment by reindeer sleigh in the run-up to Christmas. With the ever-increasing number of gifts, Santa has problems keeping track of all the gifts and making the delivery as efficient as possible.


By means of a tracking system, the location of the gifts is determined. The positions of the packages appear on a digital map accessible via app and web interface. Automatically and in real time, the system calculates whether the delivery schedule can be met. In this way, in case of imminent delays, countermeasures can be initiated in good time. Furthermore, the system calculates optimal flight routes and helps to ensure that all required gifts are stowed on the sleigh in the best possible order.

Technical Implementation

Process Optimization in Santa’s Christmas Workshop

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are attached to the gift packages and several infsoft Locator Nodes are installed in the Christmas workshop. The Christmas sleigh is equipped with an infsoft Locator Node including GPS module (for self-positioning of the sleigh). The Locator Nodes detect the beacons attached to the assets and determine their location. infsoft Tracking can be used to assign additional attributes to the beacons such as receiving address or weight of the gift, which can also be searched for. By locating packages and sleigh, it is possible to track when and where which gift was delivered (disconnection marks the place of delivery).

The position data collected by the GPS/BLE components is transferred to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here, the position of gifts and sleigh is calculated and the data is transferred to an output medium. Significant key figures such as route information, flown distance, number of gifts delivered per minute/hour as well as maximum, minimum and average flight duration and speed can be collected.

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