Tracking and Analysis of Emergency Drills

By tracking emergency forces during their exercises, safety and efficiency can be improved in actual emergency situations.


  • tracking of emergency forces during training
  • analysis of movements
  • uncovering of risks and optimization potential


Regularly, emergency forces must face new and more extreme deployment scenarios. Those special scenarios should be practiced beforehand, otherwise dangerous situations are more likely to occur in actual emergencies and emergency forces as well as other affected persons might be harmed.


In order to learn how to handle special emergency scenarios in the best possible way while maximizing the safety of emergency forces, special scenarios like natural disasters, shooting rampages and attacks can be simulated realistically in a special operations center. The exercises are supported by a tracking solution by infsoft.

By tracking people and important objects (e.g. first aid kits) during training, safety risks and optimization potential can be revealed. Inside the monitoring room of the center, the positions of emergency forces and objects can be observed in real time and the motion profiles of the participants become visible. This is how it can be identified if some people exposed themselves to unnecessary risks and if and how the operation can be further improved.

After the exercise, the training can be talked through with all participants. The motion profiles and complementing audiovisual recordings can be analyzed and possibilities for improvement pointed out. These insights help emergency forces to learn how to further improve their behavior in an actual emergency. Like this, the safety for everybody involved and the efficiency of the operation are increased.


infsoft isometric Emergency drills EN
3D Infographic: Tracking and Analysis of Emergency Drills

During training, emergency forces wear infsoft Ultra-wideband (UWB) Locator Tags. Important objects like medical equipment have Bluetooth Low Energy beacons attached to them.

For positioning, the Locator Tag measures the distance to several infsoft Locator Nodes which are installed throughout the premises (indoor as well as outdoor) and sends the data back to them. The signals of the beacons are received by infsoft Locator Nodes as well. The Locator Nodes send the collected data to the infsoft LocAware platform® where it is intelligently processed and the position is determined. The data can be visualized in infsoft Tracking and infsoft Analytics and can be accessed using a mobile app or browser application.

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