Tracking of Emergency Services During Training Exercises

During special exercises of the fire brigade, the use of a tracking system contributes to increased safety of the participants.


  • server-based participant tracking
  • correlation with camera images


Fire service is regularly associated with high physical and psychological stress. For this reason, firefighters regularly train how to behave in various hazard scenarios. For particularly challenging exercises, such as training with respiratory protection equipment, it is essential to be able to monitor the participants during the entire process.


The implementation of a tracking system makes it possible to determine the position of firefighters with centimeter accuracy and to visualize it on a map. At any time, the trainer can see the participants’ locations in real time and thus react quickly and appropriately in critical situations (e.g. circulatory problems, shortness of breath, panic). Imaging systems (e.g. surveillance cameras, thermal imaging cameras) can be used as a support to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation as quickly as possible.


infsoft isometric Tracking of Emergency Services EN
3D Infographic: Tracking of Emergency Services During Training Exercises

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed throughout the building or training location to be monitored. Each person training on the area will be equipped with an infsoft Ultra-wideband (UWB) Locator Tag. For positioning, the Locator Tag measures the distance to several infsoft Locator Nodes and sends the data back to them. From there, the data is forwarded to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where the position is calculated and displayed on a map.

By an additional installation of cameras, whose image data can also be transmitted to the infsoft Locator Nodes, the position data can be compared with the camera images at any time.

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