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Waiting Time Management and Kid Finder in the Amusement Park

The main advantage of location solutions in amusement parks is queue management. For many people, the long waiting times at roller coasters, toilets and restaurants are the biggest deterrent that keeps them from visiting amusement parks more often, especially during peak holiday periods.

At a Glance
  • 2D/3D building maps
  • forecast of waiting times
  • „Kid-Finder" function

Problem Definition

Theme parks are often connected with waiting - long queues to get something to eat, ride a roller coaster or go to the toilet. This contributes to a negative experience for many visitors. In addition, parents often find it difficult not to lose sight of their children on the large grounds.


With an app, visitors can find their points of interest (POIs) such as rides, toilets, ATMs and restaurants and get an overview of waiting times. In addition, visitors can be given further suggestions for similar roller coasters if the waiting time for the selected attraction is too long. This ensures a homogeneous utilization of the available plants.

At the entrance to the amusement park, every visitor receives a beacon bracelet, which not only serves as a payment system, but also contributes to the parents' sense of security. On a digital map, parents can see their children's locations if they lose them. This relieves a great fear for parents, guardians and tour guides.

Technical Implementation

Waiting Time Management and Kid Finder in the Amusement Park
infsoft Locator Nodes will be installed on the entire site of the amusement park. The small hardware components are connected to the power grid and receive the signals from the visitors' BLE wristbands. The position data collected by the infsoft Locator Nodes is transmitted to the infsoft LocAware platform® and made available for indoor tracking and location-based services.

A browser application gives amusement park operators access to the data. The infsoft Analytics Tool can be used to call up historical data, evaluate it and compare it with real-time data at any time.

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