Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Workpiece Carrier Tracking

With the help of a tracking solution, the location of workpiece carriers in production facilities and the processing time per work step can be tracked.


Improving Order Picking Productivity in Warehouses

Tracking the routes of order pickers can greatly reduce operational costs and the amount of time spent order picking.


Tracking and Analysis of Emergency Drills

By tracking emergency forces during their exercises, safety and efficiency can be improved in actual emergency situations.


Tracking of Emergency Services During Training Exercises

This use case by infsoft describes how a tracking system contributes to an increased security of the participants during fire brigade exercises.


Management of Tugger Trains in Industrial Production

Punctual production supply in production industries can be facilitated by tracking tugger trains and applying a machine learning system.


Utilization Analysis of Work Devices

In industrial environments, a geobased logic engine makes a decisive contribution to ensuring efficient operating processes and the best possible utilization of workstations.


Pallet Tracking in Logistics

By implementing a localization system in logistics, goods in large warehouses can be found fast and reliably.


Utilization Analysis of Car Lifts

This use case by infsoft describes the implementation of a tracking system in a car repair shop, ensuring the best possible utilization of workstations.


Indoor Tracking of Tool Boxes in the Hangar

Maintenance work on aircraft and their components is important to keep the aircraft safe and ready for daily flight operations. Efficient solutions for maintenance work can significantly reduce downtimes.


Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Tugger Trains

Indoor navigation for tugger trains for warehouse optimization. In addition, an asset tracking solution enables the retrieval of the location, service life and movement history of goods.