Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Mobile Services for Stadium Visitors

At major sports events, the recording of visitor flows contributes to a more effective utilization of concession stands and an improved visitor experience.


Tracking Visitor Flows in Stadiums

By tracking visitor flows in stadiums (for sports and other kinds of events), the security can be increased and the overall visitor experience can be improved.


Investigation and Prevention of Criminal Offences at ATMs

A tracking solution and machine learning can solve and prevent crimes at ATMs.


People Flow Analysis on Campus Areas

By implementing a tracking solution on large campus areas, the way people move on the premises can be visualized and analyzed in order to discover optimization potential.


Tracking and Digital Services in Ski Resorts

In ski resorts, a tracking solution and an accompanying smartphone app contribute to a positive experience for tourists and enable the people in charge to make informed decisions concerning improvements of the ski resort.


Traffic Flow Analysis in Cities

In large cities and tourist regions, like the ones in the Middle East, potential for optimization in a variety of fields can be found and exploited by conducting a traffic flow analysis.


Machine Learning in Shopping Centers

Applying Machine Learning to shopping centers allows a precise forecast of the number of visitors that can be expected. On that basis, advertising spaces can be priced accurately.


Prevention and Investigation of Vandalism

This case study by infsoft describes the use of a Wi-Fi tracking system for investigation and prevention of vandalism.


Passenger Flow and Wait Time Monitoring at an Airport

This use case by infsoft describes a tracking solution at an airport that allows to understand how passengers move through the facility and predict waiting times.


Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Changing Workplaces

An employee app for companies provides an overview of the current occupancy of workstations and meeting rooms.