Prevention and Investigation of Vandalism

A Wi-Fi tracking system in combination with camera surveillance and geo-triggers can help to investigate or prevent acts of vandalism.


  • detection of mobile devices via Wi-Fi tracking
  • geo-based alerting of security personnel
  • correlation with camera images


Institutions like railway companies pay out large amounts of money each year to clean up graffiti, repair wagons, or replace vandalized equipment – money that could be better spent elsewhere, for example on new trains or the investment in advanced technology. Moreover, businesses often pass the costs of vandalism on to customers through higher prices. Due to the lack of an efficient security system, offences often get noticed too late or offenders do not get convicted at all.


Acts of vandalism can be recognized in good time or even prevented by the use of a Wi-Fi tracking system. If a Wi-Fi device (usually a smartphone) appears in a monitored area, camera images are captured and security personnel receives an alarm notification in order to be able to react quickly and convict the perpetrator. If the offender does manage to leave the area, the clues captured by the cameras help to track him or her down.


infsoft isometric vandalism EN
3D Infographic: Prevention and Investigation of Vandalism

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed in the area which should be observed. By detecting probe requests, they document the presence of any Wi-Fi-enabled device (e.g. smartphone). The only prerequisite is that Wi-Fi is turned on. As soon as the Locator Nodes identify an unauthorized device in the area, they transmit the data to the infsoft LocAware platform®. Here, the data is processed in real time and an alarm message is triggered that security employees receive on their mobile devices and/or in a browser application – including the position of the detected device. Also, the security cameras are triggered to align so that they point in the direction where the device is located, enabling correlation with camera images.

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