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Tracking Visitor Flows in Stadiums

By tracking visitor flows in stadiums (for sports and other kinds of events), the security can be increased and the overall visitor experience can be improved.

At a glance
  • tracking of visitor flows
  • app for stadium visitors
  • early detection of hazard potential

Problem Definition

When there is an important match, a lot of people come together in a sports stadium. This leads to long waiting times at entrances. Moreover, fans of different teams meet and small as well as big conflicts occur on a regular basis.


A tracking solution can increase security in the stadium and improve the visitor experience. For this purpose, the positions of the visitors are tracked in front of as well as inside the stadium. The data collected in this way provides the basis for various applications.

In an app, visitors can see the expected waiting times at the individual entrances to the stadium. As a result, people are distributed more evenly among the entrances. The app can be complemented with additional functions such as a navigation feature.

An app for security personnel increases safety and security in the stadium. For example, when the employees in the monitoring station look at the analytics software that visualizes the position data and notice an unusually high number of people in a specific area, this often indicates a major fight between fans. A glance at the surveillance camera recordings of the relevant location can then confirm the suspicion. If this is the case, mobile security personnel immediately receive a message with the location via the app and can intervene in the conflict before any significant damage occurs.

The tracking solution also helps to control stadium bans. If the smartphone of a person who caused trouble in the past is detected by or in the stadium, security staff can track them down and thus reduce risk factors for conflicts.

Furthermore, stadium operators can use the collected data to identify patterns and potential for improvement. For example, it can be revealed which entrances should be better signposted and where more security personnel should be deployed.

Technical Implementation

Tracking Visitor Flows in Stadiums

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed throughout the stadium grounds, especially at entrances and inside the stadium. The Locator Nodes receive Wi-Fi signals of the visitors’ smartphones. In order for this to work, the Wi-Fi function of the smartphone has to be switched on, connection to a network is not necessary. Personal information will not be collected but a smartphone that has already been recorded inside the stadium once can be recognized.

The data is sent to the infsoft LocAware platform® where it is processed in real-time and the position is determined. The data can be visualized in infsoft Analytics where information like the number of people and the resulting waiting times at entrances can be seen. The data can be accessed using a browser application or a mobile app.

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