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infsoft @ Holmhacks – Review of Hackathon@HOLM

infsoft @ Holmhacks – Review of Hackathon@HOLM

Our team took part in Hackathon@HOLM in Frankfurt last weekend (4.-6.3.2016). Deutsche Bahn, Frankfurt Airport (Fraport), Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) and Operational Services were partners of the event. 13 teams made use of the offered APIs and within 36 hours developed apps which can facilitate travelling.

Real time traffic information – everything is linked

infsoft at Holmhacks 2016

Our solution makes the intermodal journey easier and more predictable. We took a passenger as a starting point who goes to the train station by car and to the airport by train. His journey can be disturbed by many factors: construction sites, redirections, traffic jams, delayed trains, waiting times at the airport. At the end, everything comes together and he misses his flight. To avoid that, we used a lot of real time traffic information.

Used APIs: Google Maps, DB, Fraport, Lufthansa

infsoft at Holmhacks 2016

The Google Maps API provided us current car traffic information and a map. Deutsche Bahn gave us real time data about train connections which made it possible to forecast the punctuality. The interface of Fraport added the current waiting times at the airport.

Will passenger XY be able to get his flight?

infsoft at Holmhacks 2016

We went one step further and gave the Lufthansa staff information about the current position of passengers (anonymously). Those passengers who have the app and fill in their flight data can be tracked with the help of beacons (inside) and GPS (outside). Thus, it can be calculated if passengers could possibly still reach their flight or not. If not, the plane can start. Everyone who arrives early can find nearby lounges with the app and can see if they are already full (detection with Raspberry Pi).

Summary of Hackathon@HOLM

infsoft at Holmhacks 2016

The event was much fun for our team and we are convinced that our app provides some great added value. We were able to demonstrate all functions live. We congratulate the winners and thank the organizers for the invitation.

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