5 Ways Beacons Enhance Customer Experience

With beacons, the offline world can be connected with the online world in order to enable a holistic customer experience.

Especially in retail, hospitality and tourism, beacons can significantly enhance customer experience and increase customer loyalty as well as customer engagement. In this article, five applications and benefits of beacons in regard to customer experience are described.


Whether it is to a shopping mall, hotel or amusement park, most of the time, people will arrive by car. The first challenge is thus to find a suitable parking space. The installation of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons optimizes the search for a parking space and enhances the overall experience in the car park. Beacons with integrated ultrasound sensor, which are attached above the parking spaces, can identify if a space is vacant or occupied. With the help of beacons and a smartphone app, car drivers can then be navigated to a vacant parking space. Additionally, when leaving the car park, the parking time and the due amount can automatically be determined and paid with the preferred payment option.


In large shopping malls and amusement parks, customers can easily lose their orientation and take detours until they finally arrive at their destination. In order to reach a particular shop or attraction on the best way possible, customers can benefit from a navigation solution. For this, beacons that are spread across the area send out signals that are received by the customers’ smartphones. The position can then be determined directly on the smartphone and a navigation to any point of interest can be started in an app.


With the help of beacons, processes can be realized more efficiently and waiting times can be reduced. For example, the check-in in a hotel can be completed much quicker. As a result, guests won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting at the reception. As soon as a guest enters the hotel, his smartphone will receive the signal of a beacon close to the entrance. Following, the guest will receive a push notification with a welcome message and the number of his hotel room. Since the smartphone can be used as a room key, the guest can move into his room right away.


The communication with customers can be enhanced with beacons. With proximity-based marketing, marketing efforts target the customers in immediate vicinity. In a shopping center, customers can receive product information or information regarding special offers as soon as they enter a shop. Restaurants and bars can send out push notifications with coupons to people passing by and increase the likelihood of a visit. Since this kind of marketing reaches the right people at the right time, the success rate is high.

Tourism can also profit from beacons. Visitors can take part in interactive city and museum tours and receive further information about the exhibit they are looking at. In addition to text messages, photos and videos can be sent via push notification.

Moreover, beacons realize communication with customers that is more than just one-way. For example, a dialog can be started when customers give a review via the app at the end of their visit.


Customers appreciate being addressed personally which is made possible with beacons. When visiting a shop, customers can for example receive personalized product proposals based on prior purchases. Additionally, customer loyalty can be increased by automatically identifying loyal customers who visit the shop often. They can then be rewarded with special offers and their relationship with the shop will grow even stronger.


In order to profit from the wide range of possible applications beacons offer, it is necessary that customers install an app on their smartphone and have Bluetooth switched on. Before push notifications are sent to customers, they should agree to receiving these kinds of messages. Thereby it is ensured that the messages are welcome and contribute to a positive customer experience.

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