Improving Safety on Construction Sites Through Technology

Working in construction can be really dangerous. Fortunately, there are some technology innovations the construction industry can use to improve safety.

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Working in construction can be really dangerous. In fact, numbers from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the US, shows that the fatal injury for the construction industry is higher than any other industry. Therefore, we are dealing with an industry that needs to put emphasis on securing safety among people on a construction site. A great way to start is looking at the technology, which is now being provided to the industry.


Over the years we have seen some great technology innovations that the construction industry can use. Here is a list of some of the innovations that we have seen and which is able to make safety on construction sites much better.


On construction sites, an accident such as a fire or emission of dangerous substances can easily occur when there are so many people working together at the same place. In such cases, it is important to evacuate all the employees. infsoft offers an indoor positioning technology that can keep track of where people are located and guide them through a building for instance. In order to monitor the position of employees, they just need to be equipped with a small Bluetooth Beacon (which could be integrated in the safety helmet or a smart badge), that signals are captured by so called “infsoft Locator Nodes”. One of these nodes transmits the data to a server, where the data is processed and the position of each employee can be displayed in a map. In that way, you can make sure that everybody is safe or determine if anyone needs to be evacuated. Furthermore, you can also provide specific application to employees to guide them safely to the nearest exit that is not affected by the emergency.
Safety on construction sites can also be improved with safety zone alerts. Geo-fenced zones can be defined that alert crews when someone is entering dangerous or off-limits areas. Entering a safety zone could also trigger a construction site vehicle or heavy equipment to stop.


Vehicles play a big role in the accidents that we see today on construction sites. And even though you try to make precautions, there are still some few risks left. One of them is not having backup cameras installed, which could turn out to be fatal if a vehicle is backing up and not being aware of it surroundings.
Track-Vision specializes in supplying backup cameras for different vehicle like highway trucks, tank trucks, heavy equipment or fork-lifts. With their camera installed, the driver will get a 115-degree view of the field, which makes it easier and safer for the driver to manoeuvre around.


The construction workers can also be equipped with tools that makes it safer for them to work on a construction site. The hardhat, which every worker must wear, can be turned into a Illumagear Halo Light. With this hat on, workers can be spotted as long as a quarter-mile away. This could be very useful when they are working at night where it is essential that they can be spotted in order to secure the safety on site. Wearing this hat would minimize any accidents that occur due to lack of light.


Drones can actually turn out be useful when it comes to safety on a construction site. One benefit that stands out is the possibility to monitor the activities happening on the site, for instance the brace on scaffolding or locating the unstable pillar. With the drone, a project manager would also be able to keep track of his workers and make sure that they follow all the safety norms. In this way, you can get information that you would usually have to send a team in for. This tool can turn out to be less time-consuming and convenient.


The construction industry is an industry which is not known for its willingness to adapt new technology. But with new technologies, like the ones mentioned above, companies are being giving great tools to secure that safety is on top and a way of better preventing that fatal injuries occur. As soon as the industry realizes that there are a lot of great solutions out there, that can potentially save lives, we will hopefully see the numbers turn for the better.

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