Mobile Shopping Solutions at Airports and Railway Stations – Two Use Cases from Our Clients

Mobile shopping solutions at airports and railway stations – read two use cases from our clients Frankfurt Airport and SBB.

Digitalization is a major topic for stationary trading at the moment. There are constantly new developments and trends in this field. If city centers and shopping malls cross your mind when thinking about retail, you might not be wrong. But you forget about some big players: Meanwhile, airports and railway stations are among the largest shopping centers.

One example is Frankfurt Airport which is the largest shopping mall in Germany with its 230 public shops and service facilities. Another one is Zurich main railway station which provides about 180 shops, pharmacies and service companies. Fraport AG and SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) consequently rely on connected mobile services and digitalization in retail. infsoft supports both companies with mobile solutions.


Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany, recently received an award at a US-ecommerce conference for the shopping features of its app which is based on maps by infsoft. The jury liked the comprehensive approach which brings together information, orientation, service and shopping and at the same time involves different communication and sales channels such as web store, app and stationary trading.

The digital map and the positioning technology of infsoft make it possible to orientate oneself via app, info terminal or PC and to navigate to individual shops. When the user enters his flight number, he receives real time information about waiting time and plan changes. The additional time can for example be used for shopping.

The app has an integrated online shop based on the Magento platform. Travelers can reserve products whilst travelling and pick it up at the shop when they arrive in Frankfurt. It is planned to deliver the products to the gate or to the client’s home and to enable online payment. Clients receive rewards for all purchases which can be redeemed at the airport.


infsoft has developed an app for SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) which helps passengers to find one’s way in Switzerland’s largest railway station, Zurich central station. 1200 beacons help locate users in an interactive map which also offers indoor navigation. Besides other features, SBB focuses on shopping possibilities.

SBB’s “SpeedyShop” is integrated into the app. Customers can order grocery, cosmetics and more whilst travelling and pick it up 30 minutes later or when arriving in Zurich. This feature is very useful for commuters and people who are in a hurry. The app also offers changing discount coupons and special offers which can be redeemed at the station. Of course there is a list of all shops including detailed information. You can pick one shop and navigate there.


Travellers in particular profit from mobile shopping solutions. They can make good use of the additional time and when they arrive, everything is already done. Of course it is necessary to adapt the channel to mobile use. Additionally it is an advantage if the shopping function is complemented by other features of the app. For example, the customer could be shown current waiting times or receive recommendations based on his interests or use indoor navigation. The operators can profit a lot, for example through participation in sales. infsoft’s indoor tracking technology also makes it possible to measure visitor flows and analyze itineraries. On the basis of these data higher rents can be claimed.

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